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Amazon A9 Algorithm

The A9 Algorithm is Amazon’s technique for determining how products are ranked in search results. Google’s search results are based on a similar algorithm. It uses keywords to determine which results are the most relevant to the search and, as a result, which it will display first.

There is one distinction between the algorithms of Google and Amazon: the A9 algorithm places a great focus on sales conversions as well. This is because Amazon is a company with a strong interest in promoting listings that are more likely to sell. As a result, Amazon will give more priority to listings with a long history of sales and a high conversion rate.

This has a cumulative effect: higher-ranked products are more likely to attract more traffic and, as a result, have a better chance of attaining high sales. As a result, their ranking will improve, and so on.

Factors that Influence Amazon Rankings

The following criteria have an impact on Amazon’s ranking:

Product Title:  When the A9 algorithm is indexing your merchandise page, it will first look up your name to see what you sell. It must be able to recognise the item category, manufacturer, model, color/variation, size/capacity, and educational keywords (the name length will proceed up to 200 characters based on the class ). The initial search results are usually those that match a specific keyword in the item name.

Product Description: A product description describes exactly what your product is and why it’s worth buying. It gives potential customers enough information about the product’s qualities and benefits to entice them to buy. It also has a significant impact on Amazon research positions and ranks.

Bullet Points: Rather of extensive descriptions, buyers look at bullet points. There are a few factors to consider:

When it comes to the product list, Amazon has a lot of word constraints. As a result, the language should be short and carefully chosen.

A product list on Amazon can include up to five bullets. As a result, it is crucial to use them.

Photos: For goods images, Amazon gives pretty strict standards (resolution, desktop color, monitoring, etc.). Although it is obvious that beautiful images enhance CTR and conversion rate, the A9 algorithm can verify if photographs follow the rules. Images that aren’t compatible will lower this item’s ranking.

A9 examines three primary factors when evaluating products: average product assessment, amount of reviews, and inspection quality. High-ranking items often receive 4.5/5 5/5 ratings, with a high ratio of positive reviews and a significant number of reviews. Quality reviews with photographs and a thorough description are rewarded with a higher ranking.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC- A+ Content)

It’s an Amazon service available to experts (both Sellers and Vendors) who have been approved as owners. In conclusion, it offers rich content services on item pages. Despite the fact that Amazon does not catalog EBC, the A9 algorithm likes pages with A+ articles since they demonstrate the vendor’s credibility, give added-value components, and increase revenue by 3 to 10%, according to Amazon.

Availability of Products

If you run out of stock, your listing’s rating may drop or vanish. Always plan ahead of time.

Do Your Hashtag Research

When conducting hashtag research, you insert a hashtag before the primary term. This gives you access to all of the keywords that produce prefixes when combined with the primary keyword. Even if you don’t use the hashtag, you’ll receive a lot of terms, but it won’t be as good in bringing up a range of results.


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